Stone Riley's Magic Mirror Tarot Set
Copyright Information

The contents of the Magic Mirror Tarot Set website are © 2006 by Stone Riley with all rights reserved except as described below.  My rights to stipulate these terms last for a period of time defined by copyright law, currently until three years after my death.  Of course this does not and cannot limit your rights under the "fair use" provisions of the law.

  1. I forbid you to make money with this material without my specific permission, except:
    1. If you want to do live non-recorded vocal performace of the poems or other written material and charge money for it, then that's okay.   And good luck to you.  However, you should tell people I wrote it.   This is not permission to make recordings.
    2. If you go to the considerable trouble of building a physical copy of the set or either of the decks then it's okay for you to charge money for doing readings with it.  However, if anybody asks who designed this stuff, you must admit it wasn't you.
    3. Of course you are entitled to use this stuff as raw material in your creative efforts, and make money at it too, if you do in fact change the stuff substantially.  This is your "fair use" right.
    4. Of course you are entitled to take limited excerpts and quotations for purposes of education, criticism, review or satire, and take in money for that.  This is also "fair use".
  2. You have permission to use this material for non-money-making purposes, provided that you give me credit.  For example, if you use an image or quotation on a website or personal stationery, you should display a caption with it like "Painting [or etc.] by Stone Riley."  And do the equivalent in vocal performance.
  3. Of course copyright law does not protect the ideas here, only the particular form that I have used in expressing them.

Thank you for your kind attention.