Lapel Badge
Cheap digital print
2.5 x 3 inches = 6 x 8 cm
(business card size)
   Printed 8 per letter size sheet.  Pinned on shirt or coat with a common type name tag holder.
Parade Flyer
Cheap digital print
11 x 8.5 in = 28 x 22 cm
   Handed out to passing drivers during street demonstrations.  One of twelve designs.
Hand Placard
Cheap digital print
14 x 8.5 in = 36 x 22 cm
   Pale green legal size paper and black ink for legibility up to 80 feet.  Attached to a corrugated cardboard backing with cellophane tape.  Held up by activists standing around the edges of the room at candidate debates.  These placards played a significant role in the Worcester district race for state legislature.
September 4, 2012:
     Four members of the Worcester (Massachusetts) Unemployment Action Group pose for a photo in the soup kitchen where they hold weekly meetings, the day after their successful Labor Day street theater action.
     The day before this photo, six members of the group snuck into the state's largest Labor Day parade, in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and carried this hand-painted banner one and a half miles in view of several thousand people.  The team handed out approximately seven hundred flyers, chanted for jobs and asked parade viewers to "Tell the politicians we need jobs now!"
     By good luck, the group grabbed a leading position in the parade, preceding the state's two candidates for U.S. Senate.  Members say they failed to register with parade organizers in advance, and obtain a properly assigned parade position, through an unforeseen administrative error.
Election Campaign Video
YouTube video
12 minutes
   A campaign website, press release, position paper, etc. were included in the project.  In the video I describe my philosophy and read three poems from my life about dignity and striving. The advertising slogan for the project: "Anarchist artist is seriously running for something".
What Is Money?
What is Money?
From the pamphlet:
Money is a way to do arithmetic with human lives.  It is a kind of magical arithmetic that lets us try to represent human relationships and interactions as precise numbers to try to record and weigh our doings properly and fairly.  It is used by most practitioners to try to bring secure balanced justice into their lives, but it is used by some to lie (with tall tales, misleading metaphors, masquerade, etc.) and thereby to steal. …
(C) 2012 Stone Riley

A Awaking In A Dream
Acrylic paint on canvas
36x24 inches = 91x61 cm
Stone Riley, 2000
B Drone Strike In
North Waziristan

Acrylic paint on canvas
48x24 inches = 122x61 cm
Stone Riley, 2012
C View From Hubble
Acrylic paint on canvas
48x36 inches = 122x91 cm
Stone Riley, 2001
D Antigone
Acrylic paint on canvas
60x48 inches = 152x122 cm
Stone Riley, 2001
E Picture 143 – The Passing
Of Uther Pendragon

Digital image
Stone Riley, 2007
F Picture 46 – The Passing
Of Uther Pendragon

Digital image
Stone Riley, 2007
G San Diego Bay
Acrylic paint on canvas
Three panels each 24 x
48 inches = 69 x 122 cm
Stone Riley, 2002
H Page Of Wands
Pencil on paper
1.7x1.7 inches = 4x4 cm
Stone Riley, 1979
I Discovery Of The Soul
Digital image
Stone Riley, 2006
Awaking In A Dream Drone Strike In North Waziristan View From Hubble Antigone Picture 143 of The Passing Of Uther Pendragon Picture 46 of The Passing Of Uther Pendragon San Diego Bay Page Of Wands Discovery Of The Soul