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~ Dark Of Light:   From The Back Cover ~

Would you like to learn the secrets of the old Greek Mysteries the easy way, by story?  By living story?  That's how they should be learned.  That's how they were learned.

How about a story true and living now both in their time and ours?  That would be educational.  Can that be done?

How about we weave a story in your mind, a story full of mental magic tricks stepping off the page into your ancient brain, so fully story that you give it life, so full of armillary spheres in spheres that by electric turnings, in synaptic harmony and dissonance, they echo chimes into, it seems, infinity and by the play of shadow shapes display inside your eyes some old undying present true realities?  Can that be done?  That would be fun and interesting.  There's lots of people in the story.  People fall in love and struggle with their possibilities and duties.

How would life be in a civilization with very high expertise at crafting spiritual experience?  We find that place amid the fierce wild tumult of Pagan Greece in late antiquity on the world-famous pilgrimage to holy Eleusis.

A priestess and conqueror fall in love, go seeking healing of grievous wounds, and find joy twenty-three centuries later.  Each has their own utterly demanding work to do -- their own sacred duty, power, suffering,  hopes, fears -- so their meeting on this mystic journey is a union of worlds.

Along the way of this tremendous journey there are many scenes of dazzling beauty and some of fearful ugliness.  And there is sex.  Sexual intercourse is presented as the key to love and love as the key to all good.  Frank, lyrical, philosophical and funny by turns, this adventure is a true romance.

And it is certainly a post-modern novel.  It is a ragged piece of work.  Chunks of the plot go missing.  Characters become confused.  Facts are tossed like juggler's toys.  But the reader is lured into a lively chat with a brilliant artist and they weave a vivid web that seems as real as life.